Paintings by Martin Gallagher

Martin Gallagher was born in Scotland in 1960 of Irish parents, and moved to Donegal in 1963 and in 1972 the family relocated to Manchester, there he remained until he was 20, later returning to live in Ireland, where the beauty of the landscape wove its magic on him.
As an artist, Martin was a child prodigy and has been painting ever since. In terms of his artistic development, his first love was watercolour and he worked in this medium for over ten years.
Eventually Martin moved to oil and acrylic, finding in these media a fresh challenge and a chance to work on larger pieces. His work has an abstract quality, often providing a hint of sky, buildings or other material content, without ever getting too specific. The finished works are projections of the imagination mostly systematic arrangements of space and more importantly, colour.
The artist's brush is directed only by a desire to transcend all painting formulae and to express something unique about his present visions and feelings.

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