Billy Clark - Artist

Billy was born in Broseley, a small town in Shropshire, England. He lived there for three years before moving with his family back to his mother's hometown in Belfast. Apart from a number of short spells living and working in London he has spent most of his life in Belfast where he now lives with his wife.
As a small boy Billy produced ink and pencil sketches on A4 paper of friends, family, landscapes and fictional buildings he created in his mind. Clearly, Billy was a young artist in the making but he did not pursue this endeavour.
In 2010, Billy suffered problems with his physical health and the sudden and dramatic change to his life forced him to confront his future and the limited options available.
Recalling the sketches he produced as a young boy and the immense pleasure and satisfaction from the creating process, Billy dedicated a room in his home as a study and set about gathering paints, oils, pencils, art pads and different sized canvases. He began painting immediately using different styles and mediums though he now favours acrylic on canvas using pallet knives.
Billy's work features landmark buildings and places in Belfast. He now spends part of every day in his studio.