Mottainai Textiles, Belfast

Mottainai is a creative craft studio making contemporary Irish linen homewares hand dyed using traditional Japanese techniques. Combining the minimalist aesthetic of Japanese design with enduring quality Irish linen we produce timeless unique designs for the home.
The term ‘mottainai’ in Japanese is used to express a sense of regret when something is wasted. Our aim to counteract our throwaway culture by producing textiles that will enhance people’s daily lives and become an enduring part of their home
After studying Textile Design for Fashion at Manchester School of Art, Catherine Quinn moved to Japan to study Japanese textile crafts. She became inspired by handcrafts and began studying indigo dyeing with an indigo master, learning the traditional Japanese techniques of Shibori and Katazome. Upon returning to Northern Ireland she wanted to combine her love of Japanese and Irish textiles.